SPRED Galloway

Spiritual and Personal Development for people with special needs


SPRED offers



a meaningful valued relationship with

a person willing to share their life experience.



within a small mixed group of

learning disabled people, 'Friends',

and volunteers from the local community.



to a local community where their

particular gifts are recognised and

their person respected.

SPRED was introduced to Galloway in 1998.  The programme originated in Chicago and was specifically designed for people with learning dificulties, recognizing that 'spiritual needs are real needs'.  It is now being used in countries worldwide.


The Diocese of Galloway currently has groups based at the SPRED centre in Ayr, and others in Irvine, Kilmarnock, Stevenston and Girvan.  Out reach work is done on an individual basis where someone cannot access a group, or when advocacy or support is requested.  For children in the special education system we offer sacramental preparation.


We hope to establish new groups through the help of Volunteers, so that more people with special needs may benefit from the support of the SPRED programme.

2-6 Circle ofFriends